Dear Go Team,


Thank you for volunteering to join us in Swaziland where your heart will be blessed and perhaps lives changed.

Emmalyn and I are very much looking forward to your arrival. Already we are actively working with Barbi and Pat to attend to your every need while you are in Swaziland.  We want to satisfy your desire to be engaged in meaningful compassionate ministry and return home knowing you have significantly contributed to BFC’s Partnership with Swaziland.  You will see firsthand much of the work among AIDS and orphans.  You will tour Manna Farm as well as contribute to a hands-on project.  The expert builders among your Go Team will hopefully complete the construction of English Speaking Siteki Church in process six years. On Sunday you will worship in one of our local churches.

Task Force” is our ministry in the distant rural areas where BFC provides food and medical care to those too sick, poor, or remote to get to medical care at a clinic. You will give food to people who have no other food than the food BFC provides for them.  You will also see recipients of Task Force ministry living in indescribable poverty with grace and dignity.  They are miserable in their illness but sweet in their spirit.  Their Christian testimony in the midst of suffering will amaze you, humble you, and if you let it, break your heart.  At a minimum you will return hope more mindful and appreciative of the blessings you enjoy every day.

Along with the work you will do here Barbi is directing Emmalyn and me on our end to make sure you get to see Swaziland, experience the people, food, culture, countryside, and have time to shop.

Emmalyn and I will be in Bethany December and January during the rainy season in Swaziland. We look forward to meeting our Go Team in Bethany and on Skype January 4th.

Thank you again for joining the March Go Team. We will serve you in every way as best we can to make your time in Swaziland everything you hope it will be.


Dale & Emmalyn