Celebrate Recovery


Cultures differ, problems vary, but human nature does not change nation to nation.  People struggle with hurts, habits, and hang-ups.

Enter into their world of silent suffering Celebrate Recovery.  It is a safe place to talk, to cry, and a safe place to experience open expression of secret pain.  There comes into this safe place freedom to share and in sharing recognition of the suffering of others with their own hurts, habits, and hang-ups.  With others develops trust, and with trust confidence.  Confidence enables a glimmer of healing.  The process may be long but with healing comes wholeness, and with wholeness comes freedom to Celebrate Recovery.

In January 2013 Ellyn Marsh came to Swaziland with two CR trainers Brenda Rice and Len LaRosa. The four Swaziland district superintendents selected and invited four persons, two women and two men, to participate in the Celebrate Recovery training and prayerfully become leadership for CR in Swaziland as CR develops.

The philosophy of CR internationally is; one cannot lead what they have not experienced. Therefore, all leaders in CR are first participants.  It is also important that both genders are represented in CR leadership because men and women separate for a comfortable group place to share from the heart: consequently, their own gender leaders are needed.  The sixteen Swazi lay persons were carefully chosen by their superintendents and told their training would take a full year, possibly longer, as they allow God to perhaps allow God to do this healing work in their own lives before they could start anything in their own churches or districts.  From this first group of trainees two representatives from each district were elected as District Leaders for Celebrate Recovery.  Zandile Mavuso and Rev. Glory Dlamini are two who received this training in 2013.

Ellyn returned to Swaziland in July 2014 to meet with all those trained in 2013 and new leaders accompanying them from every district. Today twenty nine lay leaders have been trained in Swaziland Celebrate Recovery. It was at this 2014 meeting that Zandile Mavuso emerged as the Swazi national leader for Celebrate Recovery.  One of the issues discussed at this meeting was how to make Celebrate Recovery work in Swaziland.  Ellyn shared that at BFC no church meetings occur at the church on Tuesday nights other than Celebrate Recovery.  This allows total anonymity of people coming solely for CR.  It was through the help of two Swazi ladies, Mary Magagula and Evelyn Shongwe, that a plan was worked out specifically for Swaziland where people do not travel after dark and come to church mostly on Sunday mornings.

Zandile Movuso cWith Celebrate Recovery becoming established in Swaziland under leadership of Zandile, let me introduce her to you.

Zandile is a gifted Swazi woman who just last month in October 2014 graduated from Southern Africa Nazarene University with a degree in Theology. During her years of study Zandile was the Swaziland Central District Church of the Nazarene director of Sunday Schools Ministries.  Upon graduation from SANU she resigned her district Sunday school position to give full attention to implementing Celebrate Recovery in Nazarene churches throughout Swaziland’s four districts.

With the training Zandile has received from Ellyn and the work she has done on CR while in school and administrating Sunday school ministry, she is now ready to lead the trained Celebrate Recovery leaders.

In summary, CR was introduced to the district leaders in 2013. From those early meetings in 2013 an organized network has been developed for setting up groups in local churches. They are now ready to begin CR and it will be through Zandilie Mavuso’s leadership that they will taking the next steps in local churches throughout Swaziland.  Celebrate Recovery is well on the way to becoming a significant ministry here where so much emotional and psychological needs are so great as in any country with people suffering from hurts, habits, and hang-ups.

When she comes to mind, please pray for Zandeli, her team, and the multitude who can benefit from Celebrate Recovery.