Merry Christmas

1628892- cIt is Christmas in Africa, and Oklahoma, and all around the world. How can we not rejoice together in one global Hallelujah!

“More important than man walking on the moon is the miracle of Jesus walking on earth.”   James Irwin, NASA astronaut

Looking out of his Apollo 15 window on his way to the moon James Irwin said after blast off the earth filled his window. In time the earth diminished to the size of a basketball, then a baseball, then a golf ball, then a little blue marble that he could place between his index finger and thumb. To this microscopic speck of dust we call earth in the Andromeda galaxy came God’s gift of unfathomable, unconquerable, underserved, unending, infinite selfless love. His gift, the Christ child of Bethlehem’s manger.

God’s existence cannot be proven yet believers know Him. Proof of an afterlife does not exist but through the ages Christ of Christmas keeps giving eternal life. Forever Jesus remains the Prince of Peace, Joy… to the whole wide World.

From first century Roman oppression to twenty-first century terrorism the miracle of, “God with us,” remains the same.

Whenever, wherever, however the Christ child of Christmas is proclaimed to be the Son of God he elevates conversations, he upgrades civilizations, he uplifts the down trodden, he brings hope and peace to peoples of the world.

Words cannot express the joy of Christmas. This joy is more than the Christmas goose dinner of Charles Dickens’s Tiny Tim, more than the wonder of a child’s face on Christmas morn awe struck at presents under the tree. Christmas is all about love, the love of God come to earth. Christmas is the love of Jesus redeeming humanity, reaching back in time before his birth, extending to the end of time.

Today’s world flashes with violence, terrorism, war, brutality, martyrs for their faith, unspeakable rage and fear. Yet, think of this; Christianity alone has the message to bring all humanity into one family. Not so called Christianity of Crusades, not so called Christianity of witch hunts. Biblical Christianity alone acknowledges sin, offers forgiveness, freely gives redemption, and everywhere it is allowed to flourish individuals and societies are better off.

The Word became flesh and dwelt among us and two-thousands years later we still behold his glory.

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