Ready to Go Back

African sky c Our two months home in Oklahoma have been busier than relaxing and more productive than anticipated. Let me explain.

The flight from Johannesburg to Atlanta was 17 hours. We rented a car and drove to Columbia, South Carolina to meet our daughter-in-law Laura. The day before Thanksgiving our son Dale graduated from basic training at Ft. Jackson. Two days later we all landed in Oklahoma City. As we walked through security Barbi was standing there waiting for us with a bouquet of flowers and a pumpkin pie because I like pumpkin pie. Lenard and Mary Skodak were there with their van to drive us home with our 6 suitcases.

During our time home we had time to rest and enjoy being home but Swaziland was constantly a part of our working vacation. Here are some of the people and meetings we had with them:

Barb Moore for debriefing, planning, strategizing, brain storming, working on finances, travel plans, Go Teams, and conversations about much-much more.

Bill Dillard about the SNU Go Team, Manna Farms, and Sitki English Church building construction.

Joel Mullin about the SNU Go Team.

Lunch with Pastor Rick and Annette Harvey.

Ellyn Marsh about Celebrate Recovery.

Meeting and phone conversations with Pat Burton about dates for plane tickets both in January and July when we come home.

Breakfast with the BFC Swaziland Partnership Council who concluded the meeting laying hands on us and praying for our last six months.

We had doctor’s appointments. I had hand surgery on a trigger finger.

We spoke several times: Sunday school, Sunday night, and two missionary chapters at BFC.

We invited the May SNU Go Team to our home for pizza.

Somewhere in all of this was Christmas with a night of music at our church, a night with Dale and Laura downtown to hear The Nutcracker at Symphony Hall. I talked Lenard Skodak into going downtown on a freezing cold night to ride the Bricktown canal boats only upon arrival to find they were not running. Mary joined us another night to see a play at Jewel Box Theater. Emmalyn flew to Phoenix to visit her brother. Friends from Topeka, Kansas were our house guests for Christmas day.

January 8 was my son’s 31st birthday but we were all so busy on January 8 that we celebrated in advance on January 6.

On January 8 at Hart Hospital South Emmalyn and I had an hour and a half meeting with our extra special nutritionist Meghan Manogue. Before we left for Africa Meghan gave me diet changing instruction for healthy eating, specifically for my diabetes and potassium intake. From Swaziland I would e-mail Meghan questions about African food. She researched and answered all my questions. Consequently when I returned from Africa my blood tests showed perfect numbers and I even weighed one pound less than when I went to Africa. Therefore for excellence in service beyond the call of duty Meghan Manogue has been awarded entrance into the Who’s Who Hall of Fame with all its rights and privileges of

For four months I longed to see Cuddles and love her. When I finally saw her she wasn’t even interested in seeing me. I still love her but she proved the saying, “People own dogs but cats have staff.”

Our time back home ends in a few days. Our last six months in Swaziland will focus on working for the Go teams. The many meetings in Bethany will help us enormously because of our face to face planning with the leaders of those teams.

Emmalyn and I thank all of you for welcoming us home, taking us in, and sending us back knowing you care about us, support us with prayer, and even read my blogs!


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