Marching into March

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You heard the joke, “Why are we so tired April 1st?  Because we just finished a 30 day march.”

Before the March Go Team arrives in Swaziland mountains must move.  Forget details.  It’s mountains of work in Bethany, Texas, California, and Africa.

I toured an automobile assembly plant.  Parts of cars hung on moving conveyer lines in disjointed opposite parts of the plant.  Fascinatingly, at the precise moment doors, fenders, bumpers, seats, dash boards, steering wheels, tires in exactly the right colors came together and made one car to the customer’s exact specification.  So goes On site coordinating for the 5 Go Teams heading our way before we end our year as On Site Coordinators  July 31st.

Not to worry.  Barbi Moore is on it!  I don’t know whether to call Barbi Moore an International  Expert Executive, Mother Hen, Ace in the Hole, or Our Best Friend in Time of Need.  Barbi Moore is the unsung hero of Everything concerning BFC’s Swaziland Partnership.   She is tireless in communicating with us hours every week, overseeing multifaceted details, guiding our work schedule, helping us understand perspectives, and all in a good natured user friendly personality, sometimes humorous.  We love working with Barbi Moore.

In March between the 12th when the team leaves America and the 24th when they all leave Swaziland with precision timing so much will happen it could make your head spin.  After recovering from their 15 hour flight with a night’s rest at The City Lodge hotel in Johannesburg a celebration dinner will be held for them in Swaziland where Swazi leaders will welcome them with a big dinner at Sharp Memorial Church of the Nazarene.    Sunday morning they will worship at Soweto Church of the Nazarene where the BFC Partnership Council has just voted to partner with them in providing  a fence for their property.  This church is exploring the possibility of developing a Child Development  Center.

Next day work begins. These dedicated volunteers will have hopefully finished construction of the English Speaking Siteki church sanctuary (7 years in the process) with a celebration of Americans and Africans at the work site, and worked at Manna Farms.  Eye doctors from Dean McGee will have given free clinic eye care.  Pastor Rick Harvey will have sponsored a retreat for all district superintendents, and pastors and spouses will have attended a Day of Encouragement.

A pivotal part of every Go Team is going out with Task Force to homesteads where we work with AIDS patients in their homes.  Every team has regarded Task Force as the heart and soul of their days in Africa.  It breaks your heart with compassion as it blesses your heart seeing firsthand the reach of Bethany’s  love for suffering brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Go Team is not finished until it ministers at our two Child Development Centers in Ntondozi and Induma where we feed, educate, nurture spiritually, and love orphans.  This too is an unforgettable experience of every Go Team, remembered as the heart and soul of our Partnership with Swaziland.

As all this is going on Dr. Terry Hall with his wife Susan will be touring every geographical region of Swaziland conducting training seminars and classes for pastors and laity.  His dedicated work to stop the spread of AIDS in one generation is having significant success.

Before they leave the Go Team will have a chance to shop for African souvenirs and take home tangible memories of the many good deeds they leave behind with their partners in Swaziland.

I apologize for not writing a blog since returning from our break in January.  We’ve been a little busy!