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Our healing ministry in Swaziland is to the whole person, body, mind, and spirit.

Ellyn Marsh came to Swaziland for a week focused on mind and spirit.  She is a Licensed Therapeutic Counselor.  Our plans for her week with us began last year and were fulfilled in April 2015.  In four days Ellyn spoke to 157 people with two messages.

Monday and Tuesday a class of 26 pastors and key laity came from throughout Swaziland to be trained in leadership of Celebrate Recovery (CR).  (I have written a whole blog describing CR)  They will initiate CR in their local churches.  Several of this class who received training in previous years will be the first to assume leadership locally.

On Wednesday Ellyn addressed nurses from the clinics and the hospital at Raleigh Fitkin Memorial (RFM) in a 4 hour seminar focused on mental health with a major emphasis on extending nursing care with compassion.

On Thursday Ellyn lectured student nurses in the School of Nursing at RFM with the same emphasis on nursing with compassion to those in their care.

Each day Ellyn invited me to give four character sketches of biblical characters who each illustrate particular psychological issues in Ellyn’s lecture.  The character Martha pleased people but missed fellowshipping with people then resented her sister Mary not helping her.  Esther faced fear.  Elijah experienced deep depression.  The woman with a twelve year bleeding issue lived in shame.

Emmalyn ran Power Point for Ellyn’s lectures all four days.  Our week with Ellyn was totally different from anything we have done in our eight months here.  Ellyn Marsh brought to Swaziland’s leadership of nursing students and staff a message of compassion for the whole person, calling us all to serve others with humility, remembering the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”