Meet Ron & Sara Willard


When Ron and Sara Willard sat in the morning worship service April 19th and heard Pastor Rick Harvey announce the need for new Swaziland Onsite Coordinators for 2015-16 they both felt a divine rightness about answering that call and volunteering to go. That is what happened to us last year on April 20th!

As your out-going Coordinators Emmalyn and I assure the Willards  their next year will be fulfilling, fruitful, faith increasing, and finishing too fast.

They come to Swaziland not as rookies, but as seasoned African missionaries, pastor and wife, district leaders, and have already been to Swaziland in earlier years.  Here is how Barbi Moore introduced them in her Swaziland Partnership Newsletter:

“The Willards served 14 years as missionaries to Africa, serving in the countries of Zambia and South Africa, and also opened the work for the Church of the Nazarene in Botswana.  Ron and Sara have been in pastoral ministry and just retired in October 2014 after 42 years of ministry.  They depart the United States on July 15th for their year of service.  Ron and Sara felt their hearts were burning when pastor Rick Harvey announced our need for coordinators in the April 19th service.  They knew that God was calling them to serve.  We praise God for providing the Willards for this important and timely service in Swaziland.  Please keep them in your prayers as they prepare to depart.”

The Swazi leadership has graciously invited the Willards to join them in Partnership and once the Swazi people meet them, they will welcome them and love them.

Thank you Ron and Sara Willard for answering the call.  There is no way to tell you what a great year you are in for, but we’ll have two weeks to try when you get here in July.  We welcome you to the team.