The Lamb Was Sure To Go

Mary had a little lamb its fleece was white as snow.

And everywhere that Mary went the lamb was sure to go.


“Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world”. John 1:29 KJV”

Mary’s lamb went everywhere Mary went. So does mine.

He went to the depth of my sin with his white fleece washing my soul white as snow.

He went with me to school, to college, to seminary, to post graduate study guiding my formative years.

He went with me to war in Vietnam. Why he kept me from harm I do not know.

He went with me through 30 years of pastoral ministry.

He went with me through 3 years teaching seminary students in Australia.

He went with me through my first year in Swaziland. He will go with me there again.

A poem has been thematic throughout my life:

He does not lead me year by year

Nor even day by day.

But step by step my path unfolds.

My Lord directs my way.

Call it miracle coincidence, luck, or anything you like, but here’s just one more assurance that the Lamb is going back to Swaziland with Emmalyn and me.

A Swazi man traveled a long distance to talk with me. He had a story and a request.  Decades ago a missionary taught this man how to play the accordion.  When the missionary retired and left Swaziland he gave him the accordion.  The Swazi took the old missionary’s accordion to remote villages to play in churches where there was no electricity and no keyboard.  He played his accordion until the bellows gave out.  Now the congregations sing without accompaniment.  He asked if I could find him another accordion.  That was three years ago.  When we came home for Christmas break I asked around for an accordion.  I returned to Swaziland without one.

We’ve been home for almost two years now. But I have not forgotten that man and his need for an accordion.  A few weeks ago I had the idea to ask for an accordion on my Facebook page.  In no time two people responded.  Lois Hayes and LaNell Shores both offered me an accordion.

LaNell had her own story. Thirty years ago her mother bought an accordion from a professional musician named Vep Ellis who played it in Oral Roberts and Billy Graham Evangelistic Meetings.  Since LaNell’s mother passed away years ago her accordion has been sitting in a closet.   Just before reading my Facebook post the Shores had been wanting to find some way for their mother’s accordion to be used again in the Lord’s work.  When Emmalyn and I visited them and told them LaNelll’s mother’s accordion would be going to Swaziland with us and given to a man who has been waiting longer than three years so he could play for congregational singing, the Shores were overcome with joy and praise and gratitude that God had answered their prayer.

He went with me to Swaziland the first time.

He is going back to Swaziland with me the second time.

Everywhere that Mary went the lamb was sure to go.

And everywhere we go the Lamb is sure to go.