A Night to Remember

It was An Evening of Music Featuring the Germans at Bethany First Church April 30, 2017.

My heart is filled with gratitude and appreciation for all the people who helped us make a concert and all who came to hear. The atrium was full. Extra chairs were brought in.  And what a supportive loving generous audience it was.  Emmalyn and I are inexpressively appreciative.

You gave us a life memory that will last long after July 2018 when our second year in Swaziland is over. We will forever remember the sense of love and kindness in the church that night.  I stumbled on the first notes of my first song explaining my pages of music were out of order.  The memory I take from that is something I spontaneously said.  “I should be nervous but I’m not.  You are family.”  That was extra.  My blooper gave my genuine feelings a chance to pop out.  Somewhere along the way I have heard and often repeated, “Bethany First Church is the largest small church in the Nazarene denomination.”  What that means is that our church of 3,000 members, big as it is, somehow has the feel and intimacy of a small church where all of us are friends whether we know each other or not.  It’s just a great big lovable family.  That’s what I felt the night of our concert.  And by the way, if wasn’t out of order pages after all.  Since cataract surgery it takes time to figure out which trifocal to look through!

It was generous of Pastor Harvey and Lewis McClain to give us a Sunday night service.  It was generous of Harlan and Barbi Moore to help us plan it. It was generous of the Get Real Classic Singers and hand bell ringers to give us hours of rehearsal time and then perform so beautifully.  It was generous of Marilyn White to accompany us three days after becoming a new grandmother again.  It was good of the audio and visual people to give us sound and pictures, and good of ushers to be there for us.  I think about 35 or so people helped us present our Evening of Music.  Thanks again to all.  Thank you for the offering you gave in support of the Swaziland Partnership and our year coordinating this Partnership.

Well, the concert is over. We’re down to eight weeks before leaving Oklahoma.  As we anticipate leaving for Africa we’re savoring our last weeks home in Bethany with our cat Kodai.  We can Skype with Dale and Laura, but how do you explain to a cat that you’re the next BFC coordinators taking off to Swaziland for a year?