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daleemmalyngerman3Dale is a native of Philadelphia, Pa. and third generation Nazarene. He attended Eastern Nazarene College and Southern Nazarene University.  He holds an AB Degree in Music from SNU, Master of Divinity from Nazarene Theological Seminary, and Doctor of Ministry from San Francisco Theological Seminary.  He served 2 years in the army as chaplain’s assistant, one year at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. and one year in Bac Lieu, South Vietnam.

Emmalyn is the daughter of Nazarene missionaries. She lived in India between ages 4 and 15. In high school Emmalyn served with Sixteen Singing Teens on the Oregon Pacific District.  In college she served one summer in Puerto Rico under the auspices of Youth Assistance Missionary Corps.  Emmalyn holds a BA in Music Education from  Southern Nazarene University and Master of Music degree with Kodály emphasis from Holy Names College, Oakland, California.

Together the Germans pastored 6 churches over 30 years, and served 3 years as missionaries to Nazarene Theological College in Brisbane, Australia.  In 2007 they retired to Bethany, Oklahoma where they first met.  In their seventh year of retirement Bethany First Church of the Nazarene commissioned the Germans to serve one year as on site coordinators for Swaziland Partnership.

“Today’s Swaziland Partnership is a cooperative effort between the Swaziland Church of the Nazarene, Bethany First Church of the Nazarene, and Southern Nazarene University, focused on reducing the incidence of HIVAIDS in Swaziland by developing key spiritual, compassionate, and educational resources.”  Loren P Gresham, & David Busic from the book “The Measure of My Strength by Sunni Mercer and Bridget & Eric Pipkin”

The Germans have one son, Dale living with his wife Laura in Bethany.  Both Dale and Laura are graduates of Southern Nazarene University. KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

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  1. Dearest Dale and Emmalyn,

    Brad and I think of you so often! Your kindness, talent, and gracious love remains in our hearts, and we are forever blessed by you! Many happy moments to you in this mission and adventure! We are thrilled that those in Swaziland have the opportunity to be blessed by you both!!! You are in our hearts.
    Til You Return, Many Blessings and God Be With You in Every Moment!
    Brad and Tabitha

  2. Aug.1: 7:00 AM / YOU are in our thoughts and prayers/ Thank God for yours courage and committment to serve where you are. We eagerly look forward to reading your posts and ultimately your books./ We are still 24/7 here–Thank you for your prayers. Annie and Norma

  3. Tho’ Glenda heard it on the cell phone; we have just now read your blog “Swaziland Honeymooners” and think it is just right! Well done, thou good and faithful friend. Now, your promise is to keep on writing.

  4. As I read this blog, so many things go through my mind. I am convinced there really is 6 degrees of separation from Collingdale. Of course you know my husband Bob and you recently met our so Steve at BCN. You mention your best friend Ken. He and Janet have been our close friends for years. You may already have met Hugh Magagula who spent time at Collingdale while studying at Temple U. and added his touch to our music program Also a lady by the name of Bertha who also studied at Temple to go back and head the Nursing School there at RFMH. This was at a time when our pastor was Phil Bedwell, himself a product of Africa. I was born and raised in Scotland not far from Sharpe Memorial Church in Glasgow. You and your dad came to Taylor Hospital on the 4th July 1976 to pray with us as our daughter was taken in to the OR for emergency surgery and we were without a pastor. Our son married Caley Snyder whose family has attended BFC for many years. It surely is a small world. I will be following your journey with interest and will pray whenever you are brought to mind.

  5. Greetings Dale and Emmalyn, We are wondering how you two are doing. Hopefully the Ebola epidemic is not affecting you and your mission. Blessings, Bob & Cathy.

  6. I pray for you and read with interest (and a little bit of holy envy) your news from Swaziland. Parts of the next Go Team spoke in the evening service tonight. Time is going by so quickly. I can’t believe that you have been gone a month. I look forward to you blogs.

  7. I pray for you in your new assignment and read with interest your blogs. I envy what you are getting to do (with a holy envy, of course). I miss getting to travel on W&W trips and meeting all the people and falling in love with them.

  8. I don’t know what’s happening: this is the 3rd. time I have tried to post my comment. I’ll repeat. I do pray for you and look forward to reading your blogs. I envy your (with a holy envy, of course) getting to work with another culture and learning to love them. I know they will take a piece of your heart.

  9. I print out each blog, so that I can sit in my recliner and read it. I was especially touched by the pieces on Swaziland and the Schmelzenbachs. As I read of his commitment to the task, the tears ran down my face. May I be burdened for someone that is lost as he was for the Africans.

  10. Hello!

    I’m so glad I stumbled across your site! I’ve enjoyed reading about what God’s doing -and what He has done- in Swaziland!

    Interesting, too, that Dale was a chaplain assistant. I was also a chaplain assistant and am now a chaplain.

    Thanks for what you are doing!

  11. What a BLESSING you will be to each one you meet. Thanks for all your
    encouragement and your service to us.

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